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My name is Paweł Lenar, I am in my early thirties and throughout my career my interests have revolved around leadership, network marketing, sales, productivity and the use of social media to scale the business.

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I have been a leader in the Network Marketing industry for 12 years. I have built sales organizations with a total of over 70,000 partners in 23 countries. I am a laureate of the Polish National Sales Awards for the best manager of the MLM industry in Poland, the author of best-selling books and coaching systems. My consumer and sales teams have generated tens of millions of zlotys in sales over the past few years. In my free time, I am a guest lecturer at the ASBIRO University (previously at the Lazarski University in Warsaw, majoring in MBA).

My Mission & Philosophy

My mission is to provide you with the support, encouragement and courage you need to reach the top of the networking business. So that you can win at work and in business while enjoying a successful private life.

I am guided by a few simple values ​​in my life, such as: honesty, honesty, personal culture and respect. In today’s world of sales and marketing, many people are forgetting these fundamental values. However, in my opinion, they are essential for long-term success, inner peace and balance in life.

Despite the fact that we live in a sales world, not everything is for sale. I believe that some things are paramount, such as: principles and values, family, honesty, children, love, beliefs and faith. However, everything else is negotiable 🙂

I love traveling and expeditions to wild places.

I am a collector of memories.

It is worth learning from him...

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